Project Logs or Plogs are available to registered users of The Plogs will be monitored to ensure they are not random posting or abused for file hosting. The Plogs are for people who would like to document their projects from beginning to end. You can see a sample Plog here

To obtain Plog rights you must request access to the Fabricators group. Once access has been granted you will be able to access the Plog Control Panel (Plog CP) from the main forum page.

A few restriction do apply when setting up the Plog.

Title must include one of two project status types.
1. In-Progress 2. Complete Example: Project rails gone wild - In Progress
Disable - Order of Shouts in Shoutbox
Disable - Show and Enable Shoutbox

If a project has been completed entries can still be made to show upgrades or repair issues. Use the feature if you like, it's there to provide a better project overview then just pictures alone. This feature should benifit anyone who does not have hosted space to build a website. Hopefully this feature will allow people to share their fabrication experience with the rest of us.

To get started with a Plog click "User Groups" from the main menu. Then request to join the "Fabricators" group. Once approved you can create your project log.