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    Re: Garage electrical help
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    I'll have to see what an electrician says on that but that may be what I'll have to do. What size compressor and welders are you running? I'm looking at getting a Quincy 2 stage 60 gallon upright compressor (50,000 hour life on that, would last me probably the rest of my life so I'm thinking 40+ years). Welder wise I'm looking to upgrade either to a Hobart 210MVP or just go balls to the wall with the Hobart Ironman 240 and be done with it. With it only being 24'x24', unless I pull the vehicle out of the garage, I'm in maybe a 12'x24' work area. Not including any shelving I'll add. At the moment it's all exposed studs and rafters. Will be insulated hopefully next year with heating and maybe air conditioning added in.
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    Re: Garage electrical help
    My compressor is a 5hp / 60gal (230v) and I have a couple welders, a 220v stick welder and a lincoln 180 mig. The rest of my saws and such are 120v.

    Mine is 30x50, and the wiring was a bigger job than I expected. I'm glad I took the time (and money) to figure out exactly what I was going to use and where. I have been real happy with my layout for outlets and circuits.
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    Re: Garage electrical help
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    Yeah, good luck on your project. My wife and I have talked about building a shop in the back yard, but it's still just a hope. Right now, I live with half of the garage and one 120v outlet conveniently placed near my work area. Every tool has a place and every tool is in its place . . . because there's nowhere else to put it.
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