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    Re: Extreme E off road series
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    Quote Originally Posted by odypilots View Post
    YAWNNNN! Never more than 4 vehicles on track at one time, usually 2. All the rallycross bullshit, joker lanes, fan boost, etc. Can't they just RACE electric cars? They don't need all that jazz.
    Bingo! Very cool cars, very hard to watch races!
    "Speed is time-time is speed"-Dennis Hopper

    Quote Originally Posted by TALON View Post
    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .
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    Re: Extreme E off road series
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    As development go's the change from RC brushless motors and battery tech going to full size cars/buggys are the future. Anyone that has said good bye to old glow plug to brushless knows the way the wind is blowing.
    All dressed up and waiting for the beer to arrive.
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    Re: Extreme E off road series
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    What Jimmy said.

    Modern r/c stuff is impressive.

    Don’t miss nicads, brushes or glow pugs and Nytro at all.
    Sand is for fast cars
    Dirt is for fast drivers

    Yellow Dog Racing
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