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    Re: Baja 1000 Buggy/Mini TT?
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    I'm 6-2, trophy carts are tight but doable. I have not sat in or driven an EBK.
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    Re: Baja 1000 Buggy/Mini TT?
    I have an EBK mini buggy, bigger than the trophy carts, I'm 5'11" and it is a tight fit and especially a bit of a pain climbing in and out of the cage, if I do some mods one will be to put in some sort of a door
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    Re: Baja 1000 Buggy/Mini TT?
    I might have a door, it would make things easier, but idk yet, I like the look of the regular ebk, as for room, ill probably make it a couple inches wider, longer and taller (6''-8''?), what size tires / rims are on your ebk Kuma? are 20x10-10 rear and 21x8-10 close?
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    Re: Baja 1000 Buggy/Mini TT?
    my EBK is not a trophy cart, it is about the size of a rhino, it had VW pattern 15" wheels on it and now has spacers which reduce it to 14" side by side wheels for the sand tires, I'd have to check but if I were to guess they are 26 - 28inch
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    Re: Baja 1000 Buggy/Mini TT?
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    Great thread!
    I have built a Rorty R-16. That was a GREAT car! After building one, I would definitely look at using an automotive sourced engine. I personally would run a Subi boxer engine with the stock 5 speed and a reverse ring and pinion kit. For a car like the Rorty, that would work perfect! In my Rorty i had a CBR 1000 engine with an RPM. Great set up for play but was a little doggy in the sand. Partially due to the fact that I was running 30" mud terrain tires which SUCKS the power with all the rotational mass.
    I sold that car in favor of an AR51. I had it set up with a GSXR 750 and it was an AWESOME car! I drove the piss out of that car too. If that car had just a little more suspension travel with some bypasses it would be a BEAST!
    Fast forward to now, I cut the AR in half after I bought a Hayabusa for it...then I made it 12" did the cage....made the suspension wider by 6" overall...added bypass shock in the rear and I tell you what, it is AMAZING!!! The busa pulls very hard and you don't have to wind it out like the 750. For reference, I am 6'3 and fit into the car perfect, in both forms. Below are some comparison photos of an AR (the orange car) and my slightly modified AR next to it.

    Nowhere near the desert.
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