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    RIP Pistol Pete Sohren
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    The dirt world lost a legendary character this past Friday.

    Pistol Pete Sohren was taken from us in a UTV accident when his RZR was t-boned by another one in the dunes in San Felipe, Mexico.

    Pete was truly one of a kind. I met him in 98 while stadium racing. He was constantly picking on me for running Stadium Lights class - “Sell that little piece of shit and get a real race car. Here, buy my truck. I’ll make you a deal on it.” I heard this for two years.

    A couple years later I ended up navigating for him in his Trophy Truck for the Baja 1000, Baja 500 and the Terribles 400 where we took second in class.

    As wild and outrageous of a guy as he was he had a heart of gold - always made sure to do something good for the kids in Mexico in the little towns we raced through, was always extremely conscious of safety (wouldn’t launch off the Ojos Negros jump to avoid hitting anyone) and one hell of a driver.

    He’d help anyone (and usually give them all sorts of shit as he did), was dedicated to his family, friends and especially to the family of the Dirt World.

    You’ll be missed.
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    Re: RIP Pistol Pete Sohren
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    That’s so sad to hear. He was a character for sure. We pitted next to him a couple of times and it was a hoot the whole time! His yellow 3 seat truck was an icon at the races. RIP Pete.
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