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    Ontario Buggy Insurance?
    Any Ontario buggies on here?

    Trying to get insurance on my Hammerhead 250SS so I can hit some club trails but keep reaching dead ends. Most agents can't find it in their system so they simply won't insure it because they can't find it on their computer. One place had it in their system as a golf cart, but wouldn't insure a golf cart. Others consider it a "dune buggy" and won't touch it simply because of that.

    The one agent I've been dealing with tried every underwriter he could and told me Ontario's been really tough to insure anything outside the norm including custom cars, imports, street legal buggies, etc...

    I nearly pulled the trigger on a street legal VW rail a few years ago but passed on it when I couldn't find anyone who would even consider insuring it. This just seems like a repeat of that experience...

    I have ownership and plates, just need insurance!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Tim S.
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    Re: Ontario Buggy Insurance?
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    Not sure what the requirements are in Ontario, but a few years ago in BC it was only required to carry liability insurance on crown land. I was insured through Oasis at that point, they seemed to be the only ones that would touch dune buggies. Now they have to be registered and ORV plated as well so it's all though ICBC (bleh) and I haven't used Oasis in a few years. Might be worth a shot though.
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    Re: Ontario Buggy Insurance?
    Insurance in Ontario is a nightmare for anything that doesn't fit inside the norm. Anything custom is un-insurable if they know it's been customized. Home built is completely out of the question unless it registered as something else. Finally squeezed a quote out of one place and the only thing they could get me was faculty insurance at around $1400 a year. I just laughed at that one! That's almost what I paid the damn thing lol!

    I was really hoping to insure the buggy but it looks like it's not happening in Ontario. Which is too bad because its something fun for me and the wife to do and she prefers to be a passenger. And most side by sides are too big...

    Moving out of Ontario is looking more and more tempting...
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    Re: Ontario Buggy Insurance?
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    Before State Farm was underwritten by Ceritas, you could get insurance for home built ATV's from them, providing you had gone through the process of registering the vehicle with the MTO to get a VIN and an off-road plate.

    Ceritas doesn't have any love for home built vehicles now though...

    What I ended up doing for my last machine, the Microburst 600 SxS, I bought a wrecked RZR 900 frame that came with an ownership and just used that. I cut the section of frame that contained the VIN stamp and grafted it into my frame. It's a little shady I know, but whatever...

    If you want to go the 100% squeaky clean route, ask your insurance company about 'Facility' insurance. With this type of insurance, you can insure anything... providing you can afford the ridiculous rates.

    Hope that helps!
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    Re: Ontario Buggy Insurance?
    I had thoughtabout keeping an eye out for an ATV that I could part out and keep the ownership and VIN for myself but wasn't sure if that would fly on club trails?

    I thought with it being a manufactured buggy and with a VIN, ownership and plates in hand it wouldn't be an issue getting insurance. I knew anything homebuilt in Ontario is difficult to insure which is one of the reasons why I bought this buggy. I did get a quote for facility insurance for about 1400 a year which is crazy for a 250cc buggy in my opinion!

    It's crazy that they'll insure a 1000cc SxS without hesitation but a 250cc buggy is too much liability for them? I tried explaining this to one agent and they understood my frustration but in the end it's not the agent who's insuring me but the underwriters.
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    Re: Ontario Buggy Insurance?
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    I had State Farm for a few months before they decided it wasn't in their best interest. They required a squeaky clean record btw,

    I talked with my new insurance, and they covered me for liability only under an umbrella policy. Covers all my off road toys, but only works since Washington does not require liability insurance for off road atvs. If they did, I would need a dedicated plan for each vehicle.

    Not sure if you can make something work through fleet insurance or not. An off road toy isn't much of a workhorse for the fleet though...
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