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    Gonna build a garage.
    I'm looking for advice/suggestions on radiant heat for my soon to be garage.I'm shooting for 30'x50' 10' ceilings (in Central PA, so the winters get fairly cold). I don't have natural gas and currently heat my house with propane. I would like to eventually put a lift in, so at least half of the garage will be 6" slab.In the little research I've done to this point, it looks like $1 to $1.25 per sq ft is about what it will cost for insulation and the pex (and associated hardware). Does that sound about right?As for heating it, I am going back and forth between electric (maybe a water tank, or tankless heater) and propane boiler. Anyone have any thoughts, experiences or cautions on this?
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    Re: Gonna build a garage.
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    I ran pex in my floor but I havn't hooked it up yet, you need insulation underneath so you don't lose heat into the ground. A few pictures of mine here:
    Jerm's Pole Barn Shop

    I left out the areas where the 4 post hoist sits, so its not sitting on the waterlines.
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    Re: Gonna build a garage.
    Nice shop Jerm. Do you recall how much you had in the insulation and pex setup? What are your wall heights?
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    Re: Gonna build a garage.
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    Here's my pole building that I've been working on for a million years.

    Its a pioneer from PA.

    Bullnerds new shed.(Aus for garage)

    Id go higher than 10' if your getting a lift, Unless you do scissor trusses.

    No radiant floor here though. I have a gas radiant tube heater that will be ceiling mounted, is not installed yet.

    Good luck.
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    Re: Gonna build a garage.
    I suggest going taller ceilings. My grandpa screwed me cutting all my posts off at 10ft (had them already at 16). I had to sell my 2 post lift and had to build an a frame that lives outside because the beam for my gantry was gonna be too low. At the time I got the 10x10 posts free or I woulda tried to go at least 18 or 20 tall.
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