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    New Mini Buggy Channel on YouTube, Rad Buggies
    Hey guys, I want you to know about a new channel I created on YouTube for my mini buggy videos, Rad Buggies. I had my videos on my personal channel, but I think it makes more sense to have them on their own channel now.

    I started a series on the build of my ST2. Covering various topics.

    Ill upload action videos as I take them. A few on already.

    I have plans to start a business someday around mini buggies, perhaps parts, full builds or even a test track with buggies to rent. I have some ideas which i think could add a lot to the community, I'll keep you guys up to date as I am ready to release them.

    Hope you guys enjoy, and feel free to ask for additional content!
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    Re: New Mini Buggy Channel on YouTube, Rad Buggies
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    Cool idea. I will check it out sometime.
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    Re: New Mini Buggy Channel on YouTube, Rad Buggies
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    Agreed, very cool idea.

    Can you link it to minibuggy on Facebook?
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