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    Awesome set up for a trophy cart!
    I had seen some sport quads out on the dunes, but I had not taken notice until I seen one for sale on Craigslist. It looks like the way they are set up, would be perfect for a trophy cart style set up with rear independent suspension. Here is a great article that gets in depth on the whole quad, but does a good job of explaining how it is set up. it is a great read. Also it is fuel injected and has reverse.
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    Re: Awesome set up for a trophy cart!
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    Really interesting and informative read.

    I like that they mention the rear chain setup and trying to keep it narrow. It’s been a constant battle for anyone on this site.

    I see a new donor vehicle in some MBN member’s future.
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    Re: Awesome set up for a trophy cart!
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    I think that's what wheels used for the back of his "truck"?
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    Re: Awesome set up for a trophy cart!
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    Yup, the Polaris Outlaw 500 and 525 have the same setup. And Bob Ross is correct... I used it for my build. super simple and pretty easy to long travel the arms.
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