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    Thoughts on a new build...need input from the pros.
    I'm thinking about a 2 seater buggy for the grandkids. I've got a couple ideas floating around in my head, and not sure either one is better than just buying something that's ready to run.

    First...find a 4 wheeler that I can pull the front suspension, motor and rear axle and fab my own frame. My concerns with this is the rear axle/suspension. I think I'd be okay with a rigid rear end, considering it's just going to be a yard buggy, but a little worried about the ATV axle and carrier holding up (although I'm not sure why...they handle the abuse of the ATV)

    second option is to buy a frame and fit a 4 wheeler motor to it. It might take me a while to find a suitable donor and I might get into as much fabrication making the new motor fit than it's worth.

    I'm thinking a clutchless manual trans...shaft drive motor that I can pair a chain and sprockets for the final drive.

    What's anyone's or build?

    This is what I'm shooting for, but a 2 seater...aa71f49a70cbff685181163c8c788fba--go-cart-kart-racing.jpg
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    Re: Thoughts on a new build...need input from the pros.
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    Yeah, there's actually a fair number of two-seater buggies out there that look almost identical to that one. You don't state your location, but I would bet that you can check Craigslist in your area and find one . . . or more, it seems.

    My first recommendation would be to buy one. You'll be up and running instead of building. If you build, then I would go with an industrial motor (Harbor Freight), a Comet CVT clutch and a 1-inch keyed live axle on the rear. If you check out, they list go-cart parts, such as axles, hubs, etc that would be perfect for this type of build.

    If you build, then you also want to consider a suspension. I bought a two-seater go kart for my kids years ago before they routinely built them with a suspension. It was a rough ride. They bailed on it as soon as I bought an ATV.
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    Re: Thoughts on a new build...need input from the pros.
    Thanks. I guess deep down I thought buying one would be the best option, but the thought of a new project sounds inviting.
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