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    Hauling buggy on a pickup
    Has anyone used something like this to haul their buggy? ATV Your ATV Accessory and ATV Trailer Source

    I have a good 3/4 ton pickup that can easily handle the 1000 lbs or so. It's too wide to fit between the rails. But I don't think it will be too tall mounted to the top of the rails. I would love to have a 65mph speed limit vs 55mph for my 400+ mile trip.
    I'm thinking of making this to fit my needs.

    I can strap it down good, maybe with a bit of overkill. Build suspension stops or something so if it gets a flat tire on the road it will still be locked down tight.

    I appreciate your thoughts.
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    Re: Hauling buggy on a pickup
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    I've seen people haul full 4 seater Sandrails on their trucks with the front wheels over the cab.
    Just get an airbag system and your good to go.
    You could build the rack yourself if you built the buggy yourself.
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    Re: Hauling buggy on a pickup
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    I am planning on building that exact setup for my sons buggy once it's done. I can't fit it in the toy hauler with my big buggy. Technically it will fit in the bed with my tailgate down but I can't tow my trailer if I do it that way. I'm going to make it out of aluminum and foldable with locking pins so it can be strapped to the garage ceiling when not in use.
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    Re: Hauling buggy on a pickup
    I too, have had the same thought. Just haven't gotten around to building it!
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