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    Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    SSE is the company acronym I basically call myself (Sires Systems Engineering), Sires is my last name.

    I've been working on a vehicle design optimization for my mini baja that a few of you have seen on the boards. The purpose of starting this thread is feedback for what I plan to include with the plans. I've also taken all of the bends out of the design of the frame, so the only really specialty tool required is a tubing notcher, which can be bought off eBay for about ~$60.

    The car will be designed to use 3 different engines: 6.5HP OHV and clones, Honda GX390/clones, and Honda GX670/Predator 22hp Vtwin engines. The 6.5 will use a small integral CVT (complete powertrain cost of $200, insanely cheap!) - should be good for 30-35mph, great for kids!

    The comet 40 series I've been using with my predator 13hp is working great so far, I did install the stiffer springs. I get 40mph with zero tampering to the governor and completely stock intake/exhaust. When I build my 2nd car here in the next couple months I will be using a CVtech setup with the Predator 22hp - should absolutely rip considering how quick the 13hp is now!

    Front suspension I will likely detail how to make your own - but will recommend ANY 4 wheeler front independent - they are cheap and easy to find! 400EX and YFZ450 will be recommended.

    As for what will be included:
    Jump drive with all CAD models, dxf files of all plasma cut pieces (tabs, motor mount plate, rear suspension mount plates, etc)
    Digital Copy of step by step instructions and tips/tricks for building every piece
    Hard Copy of step by step
    Complete list of parts AND where to find them.

    I've discussed having frames built with Protodie, it sounds like he can do it fairly inexpensively! I know several welders around here that would work cheap for cash, so if the new frame I determine is very easy to make (it should be) I can possibly have them fabbed locally! I'm only assuming that a lot of people would like to just bolt together if it's an option.

    Price I'm thinking $119.95 ( forum member price of $99.95).

    Any thoughts on other things I should include feel free to comment!

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    Great news! I've been waiting for this. Can you include 2 frame plans: one with bends and with no bends?
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    Yes I will include the frame design with bends as well! I'll likely use the standard 4" bend radius typical of a 1.25" die (Frame will be 1.25" .083-.120 depending on how fast you want to go and how hard you plan on crashing).
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    Keeper of the Asylum K-fab's Avatar
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    This sounds like a great plan!
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
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    Thats a fair price for some well thought out plans!
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    The Bob Ross of MBN Bullnerd's Avatar
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    My only two suggestions would be,

    Multiple engine sizes, You got that covered.

    Good nerf bars and bumpers, or like the engines, options for them. I see these videos where guys are out riding with there buddies and they are so far apart they cant even see each other! NOT! I like to get up close and personal with my friends! LOL! Rubbing is riding!

    Looking forward to these plans. The Briggs are just too big for my trails, I would love to build some smaller ones for the little kids and the big kids.
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    Bullnerd - great suggestion on the bumpers, the front skid plate is designed to absorb some of the front impact, especially if some springs or bushings are placed in the region that is raised out from the chassis. There is certainly room up front for a brush gaurd type bumper, ill design one!

    A rear bumper is going to be tricky to make look good IMO, but ill give it a look! I wish I had video of us testing our SAE bajas with 3 years of cars together we were bumping into each other flying through the air! Im planning on holding a baja reunion at my place next spring sometime, anyone from the forum would be welcome to attend and test out the buggy!
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    That sounds like a good plan. I like the multiple engine choices.
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
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    Food for thought.

    For those who wish bends but not to buy a nice $$$$ bender you can often have a local racecar or fab place do some bends for pretty cheap.

    Just need to show the builders how to mark the tube properly and include an insert in the directions for the fab shop so the fab shop can easily see whats needed and bend it.
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    Re: Plans Creation: SSE Mini Baja
    Good ideas, just one comment.

    The 6.5 hp engine will give you about 20-25 mph tops, not 35. Also won't climb much of a hill.

    Our 8hp mini Baja was amusing but needed more power for fun.
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