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    Mini buggy events or get togethers?
    Just wondering if there are any mini buggy get togethers around the country? I might be headed to phoenix on vacation and just wondered if there was an annual meet or something. Thanks, Fred.
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    Re: Mini buggy events or get togethers?
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    There will be another gathering this February out at Glamis and the Salton Sea - Flyer's mentioned a place called Blu-In RV Park that sounds really promising.

    Generally my Feb trip is the weekend around President's Day weekend. Sometimes we do the week before and watch the crowds on the weekend, other times we join the crowds for the weekend and then play the week afterwards.

    If you're going to be in the Phx area, do you plan on having a ride with you? If so, pm me and maybe we can get together for a little jaunt around the desert. I'm in the north west part of the Phoenix Metroplex (closer to Cave Creek/Carefree).
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    Re: Mini buggy events or get togethers?
    yep, gonna bring the buggy and my quad. I'll contact you when I decide when to come over.
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