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    Barstow Whoops and Mother Nature!
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    For those of you that aren't familiar with California High Desert, Barstow is about the Half way point from LA to Vegas. Its Hard Pack desert with soft washes. Barstow Riding area is right off the main freeway from LA to Vegas and its where alot of Big Races are held and have been held for many years. Its known for its Main Section or Pit row area that can have some Monsterous size whoops. Everyone from Home Built buggies to full on Million Dollar Trophy trucks come here to test and tune their suspension. Basically, if they can fly through Main, they can fly through any other desert area race.

    Recently, there were some Flash Foods going through LA and through the High Desert. My Facebook friend was testing in Barstow after the rain and he posted these pics that I thought was very interesting. The flash floods had Completely leveled out the 3Ft. Whoops through the Main/Pit row section. Mother Nature has a way of healing its wounds.

    Im curious to see how long it takes for the whoops to build up again!
    Im also posting one of my favorite videos of a race truck doing suspension tuning. Granted, even the video was after a rain had gone through and the whoops weren't as tall as I've seen them, but they are pretty damn big and that truck is sucking them up!
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