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    Re: The supercross thread
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    Pretty good show, but did I miss something with the 250's? No heat races, no lead up?
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    Re: The supercross thread
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    The best race was the 450 LCQ - top six battled pretty well.

    250 heats - meh... Nothing exciting. Heck, the whole night was pretty boring but it was wonderful to see racing again!

    NBC did a back to back thing with coverage. 250 heats and LCQ were on one show then they popped up with the 450 heats, LCQ and all the mains in a second program.

    Two things that I noticed about the lack of an audience:
    1) Never realized just how much sound the crowd makes and the energy it brings to the show. No announcer yelling, no pyrotechnics - just 20 bikes running around the track with turn marshals and medical crew scattered about.
    B) Felt bad for the 250 winner - he comes across the line, fist all pumping in the air, looks up at where the audience should be to share with his enthusiasm for having just won a main and nothing. You could see the hype and excitement just sort of drain out of his body posture when he looked up and saw nobody.

    I actually fast forwarded through the last 7 minutes of the 450 race. Toemack got out front, everyone else settled into place and it was boring.

    But we still got to see racing!!!!
    Now if F1 would just get back on program the world would be good.

    selfish side note - I've always preached "STOP THE MADNESS!" referring to that crap March Madness and college basketball. After years of asking for this, my wish was granted! They cancelled college basketball! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! Even if I had to loose a few months of SX and possibly a year of F1, having March Madness cancelled was WORTH IT! I HATE THAT SHIT....
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