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    Re: Summit racing seats
    what about cipher... CPA1007 Black Cloth Cipher Auto Racing Seats Pair [CPA1007FBK] - $349.00 : Cipher Auto!, Automotive Parts Accessories & Universal Racing Seats

    Reading some of the sport compact sites I have not seen a bad review. Not a suspension seat but they look nice and $300-$450 per pair (depending on style) shipping included.
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    Re: Summit racing seats
    Seats are supper critical, last thing you want is to have pain or discomfort or have your spine jarred etc. Suspension and seats are 2 places I would not cut corners. Wheels tires steering racks ya sure, seats, no way.

    For the money these are good, the Super t1nor near as spendy as the Ultras but quite good, also check out the RX-3T.

    Also check out PRP also, I did thins one. PRP Seats. Podium Racing Seat

    When your out there for hours an squirming due to dead leg and your enjoyment gets sapped away you'll remember what I said about skimping on seats. Happened in my road racing street legal car and that was a solid above mid level Sparco.

    Best of luck with the choice!
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    Re: Summit racing seats
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    You can get these from the Samba web site but I couldnt figure out how to link to it.
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    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .
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    Re: Summit racing seats
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    Quote Originally Posted by ffjosh View Post
    ill check those out as well.

    Garage Pro OFF-ROAD RACING SEATS - JCWhitney#
    Bah, I have a review for them. They've been in my buggy for 1.5years and still look and work just fine. Somethings aren't super good quality but mine are lasting pretty well and since I live 10miles from the dunes I can definitely say I've put some hours on them.

    I know they are china imports / copies but if its a choice between plastic or these I can say these are a better choice. JCW or Summit IMO its doesn't make much of difference, both are imported as are most of the lower end seats.
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    Re: Summit racing seats
    dans performance parts has off road suspension seats for $174.They are made by Racetrim.Great seats.
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