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    Predator Motor Corporation NEW 2012 X-18S
    sorry to remove your message.. but for now I need too.
    You must have vendor status per Amergin the admin to post your products on this site.
    Vendors pay to be able to post links, onfo etc. of their products.
    So as you have only 1 post and no vendor status this post has been removed.. sorry
    Please contact the site admin and sign up to be a vendor,
    Thank you.. TutTech
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    Re: Predator Motor Corporation NEW 2012 X-18S
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    Cold Spring MN ...Dunz season's ust around the corner
    should this be in a vendor tread or something
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?

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    Re: Predator Motor Corporation NEW 2012 X-18S
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    Pretty cool.

    Is this the Sean from years ago with all the drama?

    Whats the FNR?
    "Speed is time-time is speed"-Dennis Hopper

    Quote Originally Posted by TALON View Post
    did you use a special bigfoot camera or something ,you know all blurry could be a tree stump kinda thing .

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