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    gear ratio of all terrain vehicle
    sir please reply to my doubt,it is very important for ma career.i am supposed to give a report on gear ratios for baja by this weekend.
    the general gear ratios used are
    First 31.45:1
    Second 18.70:1
    Third 11.40:1
    Forth 7.35:1
    Reverse 55.08:1
    and i have read the baja reports of many other colleges and what they did is :

    "Engaging the reverse gear lever while driving in
    all the forward gears and using the first gear in
    forward as reverse gear."

    and now the gear ratios became

    First 55.08:1
    Second 32.75:1
    Third 19.96:1
    Forth 12.87:1
    Reverse 31.45

    please help me out in understanding that manipulation they did in the gear ratio and how to get that practically.
    please help me out.
    if possible mail me any details to

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    Re: gear ratio of all terrain vehicle
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    What type of transmission?
    What is the transmission out of?
    You need to explain much more than what you are.

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    Re: gear ratio of all terrain vehicle
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    Please see your first post when you asked us about this and answer the questions people have asked in responce to trying to help you.

    Please do not make 2 or even 3 topics of the same post this is considered spamming and you can be banned and your posts will be deleted accordingly.

    Thank you,


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