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    Another ebay weapon
    I added an awsome ebay special on here a while back. It was a single seat sidewinder with an extra 2 seats added as out riggers.
    Now I have found this............
    125cc Off Road Buggy - eBay Buggies, Quads, Trikes, Buggies, Motorcycles, Cars, Bikes, Boats. (end time 24-Sep-10 16:01:42 AEST)

    Unreal roll over protection!!
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    Re: Another ebay weapon
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    OK that is just a new level of AWESOME!


    Couple bars from the top down to the front and shes a ripper!
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    Lets hope the next guy repeals NObama care along with the rest of the stupid crap this blight on our windshield has done.
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    Re: Another ebay weapon
    THats definately different!!!!!
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