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    500 race report (added Pics)
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    I will post pics as soon as I start getting them but for now here is the race report.

    Well lets see.. where to start?
    Tech was a bit long as we have never waited 3 hours to get through it and we showed up at the starting time.
    There where just that many cars and mostly more people signing up then ever. The sign up line was longer then the car line because it was a long race people had upwards of 6 drivers and co-drivers to sign up.
    Wow.. we had Pepper Myself and Christine as a back up.
    So yes we even added an extra person for the first time too so tech took a bit longer to sign everyone up. Anyways no worries and everything was good and off we went. Had a nice pot luck dinner thanks to everyones efforts and did some talking and setting up of pits.
    We pitted with 3 other teams and Pepper and I to help support one another during this much longer race.

    We had heard when we arrived that one of the teams, Caveman motorsports car rolled during pre running earlier.. dang.. that sucked.
    They got everything fixed they thought by race time but then when the race started they went about 44 miles and broke.. sheesh.. sorry Matt and Gary better luck next time and as always if you need anything let us know how we can help.

    Well race day we set up pits, talked over with the other crews to get organized and pretty much hit the drivers meeting and started the race.

    We did just what we set out to do as far as our plans went and that was to run Peppers normal pace not pushing to hard and braking but not going any slower then we normaly do for any other race.
    This would mean running a 32 mile per hour pace. With it being a long race and us being in the car for as long as 12 hours with any troubles this might be tougher then it sounds?
    But Pepper was on it and we actually went a little faster then she normally does turning in good lap times and keeping up with that pace and probably passing it at most points. She was only running about 20 minutes behind the 1st place car each lap. The first place car was the class 10 ecotec car of Kalp and second place was a single seat class 3000 ectotec car then us. So doing well and running our own pace and race for a finish.

    The weather was very windy and later very cold actually down to 33 degrees and massive wind chill.
    The course was rougher then other years with less fast sections to really go flat out then the past years. We ran 4th gear but no way hitting top speeds and sticking to our plan of trying not to brake like all the people we saw along the sides of the course we did not want to go to fast either and DNF. It was very rocky but No flat tires though and Pepper ran her first 3 laps flawless. No nerfing or hitting as we were able to move over or pass around everyone very easily in almost all areas.
    We just moved to the left in front of one car instead of to the right.. ooops sorry.. but did not hit so it worked out. Pepper did great passing and very clean as we had to pass back and forth a lot with Jeep speeds, 9 cars and a few cars already having troubles etc. But it was a clean day of racing and no problems as far as the course or other cars went. Pepper just kept to her pace and we were doing great but we had a bit of trouble when we were going out on our last lap we broke the lower arm off the front of the car.

    The only thing we had holding the end of the arm, spindle tire and steering onto the car was a 1/2 inch through bolt.
    Everyone in pits and fellow race crews said we were done. You can't race on a broken clean off lower arm. No spares and no way to fix it we were done.

    With Pepper sticking to the game plan early on and doing so well we had roughly 5 hours of time left to finish. We were in 3rd place and the only car behind us was at least 40-45 minutes behind so if we did not go they could catch and pass us. All our hard work would be for nothing and we would not have finished this amazing race. Pepper would not have solo driven the longest race of the season and DNF'd.
    So with plenty of time in hand I told Pepper we could do this and she trusted me and I trusted her to make it and we headed back out to just finish.
    yes no one thought we should and no one thought we could make it without that arm attached and broken. The started setting up a trailer and rescue plan to come get us even..

    Normally a 2 inch chromoly beam with a 1 1/2 inch size of chromoly arm by almost 1 inch thick arm holds us together so with only the 1/2 inch bolt holding everything on including holding up the entire weight of the car, pretty much everyone figured we were done..
    But Pepper did an amazing job and missed every rock and took it just easy enough but went fast enough to get us around that last lap in about 3 hours. Sounds long but for a 74 mile lap and no front arm that was amazing in it self and most important good enough to finish 3rd in class!

    Not only did we finish but took 3rd. Pepper did not just drive around the course Pepper drove the entire race by herself, kept us safe with other cars still racing why we had to avoid rocks, them and keep it on course. She did all this and took us to a 3rd place finish. Nice!

    We had nearly 10 cars sign up and I think about 7 actually started???
    Not totally sure but will have results in a few days.
    I know we saw at least 3 broke down.. some were back up and racing later as they became fixed but some did not.
    As far as everything went I could not ask for better finish especially after an arm braking off... dang.. Heck we finished the 500 and placed in the top 3. Wow.. ok will take it.

    Pepper drove the entire race and I feel bad about that last lap being so long but she did so good and with us running so good all day I guess going into the last lap we had over a 40 minute lead on any cars behind us so we managed to still stay ahead or something on anyone else? Not sure yet what happend there but we were happily surprised at the awards to her Peppers name and to hear we held in there and took 3rd place.

    Holli and her Son Dalton who pitted with us won 1st in our class in their single seat car!

    They have a cool little single seater from back in the stadium days that Holli's husban Ron re did well just about everything on it he re did and made it able to run in the desert. New front a arms, rear trailing arms, raised the sides, roof and changed the rear cage to put in an Ecotec.
    Then made an entirely new front end complete front end and a new body for it.. sheesh.. and much more.. it really is a new car with all the work they did.. anyways, it is a very nice and well done little car and it prooved that his hard work and their fast driving paid off and they took the win!
    Congrats to them and I look forward to meeting up pitting and racing with them again next race. Really great people.

    Thanks to everyone for all the support.
    We did not have to wrench not once on Kitt. She ran perfect and the new motor and exhaust is going to take some time to get used to as my ears are still ringing a bit.. (na na na na na, poof)
    The front arm broke but fixing it was not an option so no wrenching and off we went.
    Pepper just drove great. She is really doing great, she has always been fast but she is getting to the point where she is going to pass me and my speeds already and with just a little more practice of learning Kitts width and avoiding stuff, picking a little smoother line etc. to keep Kitt from breaking she will be running faster and keeping Kitt together and seriously kicking butt even more then I ever have.

    I am really proud of her as I know it is hard to hear your husband pretty much yelling at you.. loud exhaust, excitment, adrenaline and in the middle of a race sometimes I am sure when I am yelling out what to do it is hard for her to listen and not take what I am saying personal.
    But it is not and I will do my best to help her finish, win and improve and become a better racer and I am learning too on what it takes to be a navigator/passenger as I haven't driven now for nearly 2 years! Yep Pepper has driven every mile of every race by herself.
    So I am pretty much the navigator, on board mechanic and a passenger as I am really just starting to enjoy getting to ride along with her.
    I trust her with my life and enjoy doing this together with her.
    I only see better and better things for her/us in the future and know that with the amazing support from our pit crew we have and the great friends she will only do even greater things in the future.

    Thanks to everyone as we could not have done it without you.
    Jason, Christen, Chris, Scott, Al & Al, Ray, John, Martee, Mark, Keith, Holli, Dalton, Matt, Ron, Paul from TrailGlow for the amazing lights to see our way on that last lap to avoid rocks and to see the finish.
    To Eddie from Eddies bug builders. Your motor ran flawless, thank you and you will be missed.
    Jeff it was so awesome to hear your voice on the radio an see you at a race. Thank you so much for all the support you have given us.

    Thanks everyone!

    As always thanks to all of you on the site who also give support and I will post up pics soon.

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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
    Awsome Job and congrats!
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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
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    Nice job Tut and Pepper. Perseverance pays!
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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
    wow ... what a story

    "never give up" ...thats the right spirit
    congrats to team Pepper/Tut

    "In a totally sane society, madness is the only freedom" J.G. Ballard
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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
    Awesome job driving Pepper and a great job to Tut for navigating. It's very cool that you were able to finish under such conditions.
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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
    Pure determination! Ya gotta luv it. Congrats to you both, but especially to Pepper, that last lap to skill, determination, and stamina....
    kliff I'm trying to be polite...yes I am, I'm trying to be polite... even if I ain't always politicly correct...

    the "PPuddle Jumper"
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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
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    Thanks for the kind words and support. We really do appreciate it and think about all of you when driving and racing. Pepper and I talk about how many people support us why we race and how cool all of you are for taking the time to give us motivation and kind words to keep us going.
    Thank you.

    Here is Peppers race report:

    Race report from the Drivers Seat...

    Yes Tech was a little long this time around but a lot of teams had extra drivers, and there was the Kart race on Sunday that had to all be tech-ed too. This is one of the longest races and a lot of racers come out for this one. Its still a ton of fun Friday at Tech, you get to see friends, family, fellow racers and get to see the vehicles before we are covered in dirt. We signed up Christine this race for just in case something should go wrong with either Tut or I. Better safe than sorry. Thanks Christine for jumping at the chance.

    Friday night was great with yummy tacos... Stayed up late to get used to being up, seeing that I am SOOOO not a night person. We got everyone situated at Pits with a new addition. We welcomed #1319 Holli, Ron, Dalton, and their daughter (sorry i forgot her name) to pit with us and the usual crew of #1688, and Kaveman#990. After calling it a night around midnight we all decided to get a good nights sleep. The wind was ripping all weekend and made for a cold, loud night, but for the most part was able to get some solid sleep.

    Sat am was nice to wake up, grab some breakfast, set up pits, kinda relax a little before jumping in the car. We all talked about strategy, pits, support, exchanged race channels, cell numbers any thing we could to stay as connected as possible to everyone out there. These were LONG laps and we didn't have a ton of remote pit support. Martee and I took off around noon to hit the driver meeting...same stuff as usual and back to pits to get ready for the race!!!

    With my last minute chat with Kitt asking her to please be good, keep us safe, and lets kick some butt out there, Tut got in and our team wished us luck and off we went.

    I was pretty nervous about how long the laps were, how long we were going to be in the car...a new motor, ohhhh gosh...and since the last 500 i had real bad luck i just wanted this race to have no gremlins...

    Lap one: Dang Kitt is running great, i feel good (minus the stiff neck I woke up with), Tut is feeling good...perfect lets rock this. We are blazing by mile markers..they are going fast, the course is rough...a lot rougher than Tut remembers cause he is so AWESOME at knowing the courses. The wind is cold but welcoming cause it blows all the wind off course so we did have mostly good air. By about mile 40...its like OMG does it ever we still have 34 more miles to go. The traffic isnt bad we are all pretty spread out but its still fun! We finally see mile 70, phew...start finish and pits is just 4 miles away. We pull in to pits, everyone is fast! I see new faces that have shown up since we left, everyone is checking over the car, wiping visors, glasses, drinks...bam bam bam....and Christine is waving us out!

    Lap two: Pretty much a ditto of lap one, the only difference is im still getting used to Kitts new motor and her new noises...I tell Tut.."babe Kitt is making funny noises, I think its ok, but what is the naaa naaa naaa noise?" He laughs and says it kinda sounds like the bionic woman Its just her motor, she is running strong. Tut and I had good communication, he is calling out rocks, picking the good lines and reading the terrain great! I always think to myself Id love to close my eyes and let him just instruct me. :hmmm:
    Well as we get into the 60's we both decide this pit we will both jump out, pee, drink, grab a quick bite if possible, aspirin, and do a real good look over the car. We are still in and out fast and im told im doing just about 2 hour laps. Hey not bad I thought it would be atleast 2.5 hour laps. At this rate ill be in early for dinner! Off we go again...lets get this 3rd lap done before dark!
    Lap 3: Everything is great, we are starting to see a lot more cars down, we were told 990 was out with a blown motor, 1688 had a few issues, 1319 did as well but is out again running strong. Everything is doing so good. We pull into pits, and everyone is looking at the car, we grab jackets leave sunglasses, get drinks then the look....yep the look on your pit crew chiefs face when there is a problem.
    Whats wrong? now from my view there is about 5 people at the front of kitt shaking their head "no" as I hear Jason our Crew chief tell Tut what is wrong. I ask Tut whats up and he explains what is wrong to me in terms I more or less understand. I look at him and say "well??" he said "we have a 1/2 inch bolt holding her arm on thats it...Lets go..we have 74 miles but have to take it easy like 2nd gear. Ok no problem lets do it... Everyones jaws drop as we say "lets go!" Its gonna be a long night.
    As I take off down pit row...Tut explains again what we have going on...I ask kitt silently to please make this last lap...we have come so far. Tut starts adding up how much time we have and says..babe we have to go faster, we wont make it at this speed (2nd gear) in the time limit. He asked me..."are your belts tight?" "Yep" I said all good! ok nail it!! he says...and off we go. As we are neering some race speeds with a broken front arm I calmly ask..."so when she lets go what should I expect?" Tut basically says hold her straight, brake, and its toe-picking my corner so thats the way it will go. Ok that helps me prepare a little for just in case...but I feel confident we wont brake though. In the faster sections I was able to put her back into 4th and make up time so in the slower rocky stuff I could putz along in 1st and 2nd.
    Its gotten much colder, hands are cold, feet and face are cold, we are tired, and hungry but we are keeping each other going. As we get on the last 10 mile stretch we radio pits. Its broken but I can hear them say..bring it on home guys, come on in we are waiting!! We get to mile 65 and as we call off the mile I hear crackle, crackle, static...CHEESEBURGER, static, crackle...and Tut and I both look at each other and say YES!! We make the checkered flag and into pits. Our pits peals Tut and I cold, tired, hungry out of the car, My crew chief pulls off my gloves, jacket and puts hand warmers in my hands, pulls me out of the car and puts me by the fire with a cheeseburger ready to go!
    We end with a finish, dont know what place but we did it..All laps completed and we are back in safe and sound. It was a long lap about 3 hours but we did it! My crew is shocked and amazed but glad to have us back..we get some good campfire time and share stories...then bed...

    I know ive been a little breathy on my report...but I have thanks to give as well...

    Tut my husband your awesome in the car and i am so thankful you stuck it out with me. I love you and its always an adventure huh??
    My Crew Chief Jason...Your the best!! You run a great pit, and take such good care of "your driver"
    Christine you are my focus. Thanks for keeping us hydrated, clean (as clean as can be) and informed of our time.
    Chris, thanks for keeping Kitt hydrated and with a new step in the process you do a fine job!
    Scott, Al, Al, John, Ray, Kaveman #990 and his team, KAR racing #1688 Keith, Mark, Martee and #1488. #1319 Congratulations on the Win and we really enjoyed having you in our group. Jeff, Thank you for coming. You were a welcoming smile and warm hug and loved having you hang out for awhile. Bob its always great to hear your voice and know someone is out there keeping an eye on me!

    Paul at Trailglow, the lights are truly amazing and the panels are really great out there. I loved seeing more and more teams using them. Its really is easy to see us out there with them. Ricky Wright, awesome tranny, and Eddies bug builders the motor was perfect! Your a dear friend that will be missed! Thanks to Empire Wholesale for their sponsorship for this race, Kartek, Damzl, Amsoil, and everyone out there who supported us, cheered for us and makes racing so much fun! Jim and the entire MORE organization it is truly wonderful racing with you guys. You really know how to keep it fun.

    See ya all at the races!! THANK YOU EVERYONE

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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
    Thats a great Race review. As I'm reading I feel myself being there with you guys enjoying the Ride lol. Man, do I miss racing.
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    Re: MORE 500 Mile race report
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    Well here are a couple pics so far from photographers etc.

    Pro shot of Pepper.

    Some pics from people at the track.

    And here is a cool little racing action of us and another car in our class running through a river bed.
    Pretty neat little action shot.

    thanks again and I will post more pics as soon as I get them.

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