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    Race Report Jan 23rd race
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    Well I am running a bit late on this.
    Pepper wrote up a good report and as driver you can read her report at our site here
    TUT TECH RACING -> Kartek Shoot Out Jan 23, 2010

    It was cold, wet.. man huge mud puddles especially on the first couple laps.
    The race was just under 200 miles. Windy at times and very cold.. with snow on the mountains around the race course.. dang.

    Rained all week prior to race and even snowed at our house.. making prep work and getting Kitt our race car out of our 2 mile dirt rd very difficult.

    The race went very well. Pepper did a great job of avoiding all the wash outs she could, some you just could not and had to well do your best. She did and all went well.
    We had no flats, ran only 2mph slower then the car in front of us which is the full blown class 10 a arm long travel Ecotec powered car. So that is awesome.
    Half the course was fast and half was hills and very technical.
    Pepper again did great.

    If you check the link you will find pics and fun so I will let you read her post for more info.

    We took 3rd place and look to be off to a good start for another fun season of Pepper racing. Kitt our car is now 4 years old but she seems to be doing very well considering we have had no major damage or broken tubes etc. All welds are holding and everything fabrication wise is doing well. Even with the being hit by an open class car and nerfing.. all is good.
    We have had 1 motor in 4 years be rebuilt.. it lost a piston. That is our biggest problem. A shock end came off, 1 flat and I stretched the front out to the max wheel base they allow in the Desert Lite Class the car is set up for. So I would have to say so far we are having a great 4 year run on her. We don't run to hard but Pepper is getting faster and not cruising either. She had a total race mph of 32.7 mph. Thats not bad for a VW motor that runs pump gas 1 carb and you can drive it on the street. Plus the tranny is the same one we have ran for 4 years.

    Anyways as you can tell I am totally happy with the results and as Kitt being my first test car to start building the Desert Lites class cars I am very pleased with her and Pepper as the driver of Kitt.

    Thanks for all the support and it was nice to meet up with some of the mini buggy members again at the race.
    Very cool. If you ever want to meet up and watch a race or go for a ride let me know and come out.

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    Re: Race Report Jan 23rd race
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    Glad to hear the race went well, even though the weather didn't. You'll be picking mud from Kitt for weeks.I guess it's all part of the adventure. You've been laying low for a bit, glad it's just because of race prep and mud removal.'s only a flesh wound...
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    Re: Race Report Jan 23rd race
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    I went to your site and read Pepper's report. Sounds like you guys had a great time, which is all it's about.

    Those cold, wet races are not a lot of fun. Snowed on us in Mexico a long time ago - eek!
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