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    Re: Craigslist!!!???
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    I just put up a bunch of ads on Craigslist and have had one spammer hit me up. He kept saying "I'll send a check, when it clears, I'll send someone to pick it up."

    I said "If you're going to the trouble to get a check from the bank, just get cash and bring that when you pick it up."

    "I'm a busy man and can't take the time to get cash, I'll get you a check and send that to you and when it clears I'll send someone to pick it up."

    "How about just sending cash with the guy picking it up?"

    "Have to go to the bank to get a check, I'll send that, give me your mailing address."

    "I don't take checks, cash only."

    Never heard from him again.

    My next response was going to be along the line of "Why don't I just go ahead and send you my bank account numbers so you can direct deposit the check? - and then clean my account out, you scum sucker!" It's always fun to call them out.
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    Re: Craigslist!!!???
    Absolutely bogus!!!!! I just went through same thing guy called about a dana 5o front end I had for sale never gave name and phone number he called from was las vegas but he was in texas(not uncommon with cells now adays) he sent bank check and I put two day hold on it at my bank he was persistent all week waiting for it to clear. The day it went through he called I was at work and couldn't get to it till next day about two hours after my bank called me said was phony bank check From capital one. I called State police and since it was over 1000 makes it federal offense and he mailed it which I think also makes it mail fraud. They told me that since I was smart enough and didn't get scammed. there was nothing they could do!!!!!!! I wanted to bust the asshole so no one else got scammed and I could do nothing had ll his text messages numbers and address to wire the shipping CASH to!!!! Pretty sad someone has to get scammed in order for our great security system to take action. Preventative measures would be nice
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    Re: Craigslist!!!???
    The other is pay pal schemes!! always get calls from same as mentioned above I cant come look at your car but I will pay what you want and shipper will come get it all my adds State Absolutely NO PAY PAL and still get a call every now and then
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