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    Re: Expensive hobbies?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bullnerd View Post
    Sorry for your loss Xbird!
    Thanks, after nearly 20 years and lots of miles, that's what it feels like! Getting rid of the ever-present stress of worrying about losing my house for the past year + has made it acceptable. Now i can even work in the garage without killing myself getting around to my toolboxes with the buggy projects jammed between two project cars ... downside ... it was my parts bench!

    Somewhere i have a real short in car clip, haven't been able to find that. Always meant to do a backroads loop movie with it.

    kinda prophetic ....
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    Re: Expensive hobbies?
    I feel all your pain guys few of my toys that are gone most recently 89 bmw 325ix awd bought for 425$ put way too much money in it to get it to this and next is my baby I miss every day 67 Camaro pro built 12.25 compression 327 and will pull front tires off ground at 35MPH with 4.88 gears http://[URL=][IMG]http://
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    Re: Expensive hobbies?
    sorry pics didn't work out right in first attempt
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