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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
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    The latest remodel of my build was centered around a Polaris FNR, and a few things I have noticed with how I have it set up are that it does have a shift lock built into it so you need to pull a second lever back and lock in place before it will allow you to shift. However, we have a bit of stiction in the cable we are using to disengage the lock so the return spring doesn't always pull the lever back 100% so it may pop out of gear. We tried a stiffer spring, but then we couldn't pull the lever far enough to disengage it. It would likely be fixed with a happy medium spring.

    Also, with the way we have the mass of bent linkages and multiple pivots for the shifter, it is so short throw it is very difficult to find a gear without skipping over it. I need to change the lever lengths and pivot points and this should be solved as well.

    Otherwise, the Polaris HRNL has worked wonderfully
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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
    Thanks for sharing your shift linkage issues you have had with the Polaris FNR.
    I took some measurements of the FNR from a Polaris quad I found at the dealer.
    It would require a total revamping of my drive train to retrofit that FNR since it is several inches taller than the Comet.
    I will consider the Polaris FNR for the next build.

    I have spent more time modifying some of the internals of the Comet FNR and seems to be working well and shifts much easier than when it was new.
    Once you have reverse it is hard to go without it.
    After having reverse
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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
    Regarding Mikuni pulse fuel pumps.
    For safety reasons I have decided to remove the stock Predator gas tanks on my G-kids 6.5 and 13 HP mini buggies.
    I had a fuel cap start to leak and gas was dripping all over the place ( the gas really sloshes on rough ground) so I grounded the buggies till I came up with a fix.
    I ordered go kart style between the legs aluminum tanks from BMI.
    Since there will no longer be gravity feed to the carbs I also ordered Mikuni pulse pumps and the pulse port manifold that bolts between the carbs and cylinder head.

    I am looking for advice as to where the best place to mount the pulse pump.
    I have read that the shorter the pulse line to the pump the better.
    Also they sell aluminum plates that bolts in place of the stock gas tank that the pulse pump and throttle linkage then bolt to.

    Does the pulse pump need to be mounted rigidly to a similar plate to work properly?

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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
    Hi herman, i ran a mikuni pulse pump for awhile on my 250, the smallest (i think was a VM 44 or 41 model iirc) also required the use of a regulator because the rate overcame the float needle and i could not get one suited to match it. Led to continual flooding at idle. Something to be aware of.

    The closer to the carb, the better and yes, securely mounted. I bolted a piece of flat aluminum to my gas tank framework and put the pump and regulator on that. Rubber washers between the pump and plate wouldn't be a bad idea just to stave off an potential for cavitation from vibration.
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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
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    I would second the advice on using a regulator with the pulse pump. I have a pulse pump on my engine and I started having flooding issues with my Mikuni carburetor. I installed a new float valve seat and needle, but that didn't fix the problem. I later learned that you need a smaller diameter on the float valve if you're using a pulse pump. The carburetor originally came from an ATV that used a gravity feed, so I had to order a different seat/needle (1.5 vs 2.5) to fix the problem.
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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
    Makes sense that gravity feed would require a larger diameter seat/needle and that fuel pump pressure could over come a larger diameter seat/needle.
    I assume smaller diameter seat/needles are not available for the 6.5 and 13 hp Predator engines.
    I was hoping someone would tell me where to access a regulator that is appropriate for the Predator engines with Mikuni pulse fuel pumps.
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    Re: Predator 13 hp engines
    try to find lowest pressure adjustable regulator possible. i used one from the auto parts store (purolator) and ran it on its lowest settings with restricted feed lines to get it to work.
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