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    Next Project
    Showed up on a trailer unannounced today and resulted in the buyer of the Sunl-zuki getting a discount off his purchase price.

    I swore I wasn't going to do another mod project, but my daughter will outgrow her buggy this season and this just happens to be the perfect size.

    By VIN it appears to be a 2004, has a 125 cc engine with it that i'm pretty sure isn't original. Likely a Sunl or Kasea -- with so many brands coming out of a couple factories, it's pretty hard to figure out what these old things were originally sold as.

    Frame tubing is in good shape and I like the design. A couple extra tubes here and there to triangulate it and some work fully weld it up won't take too much effort.

    Check out that steering setup! It'll be getting a real rack and pinion ...

    Damn things are like rabbits around here ....

    LTZ front suspension, I've got some decent fox shocks, so powerplant will be the only major hurdle to deal with.
    Next Project-mystf.jpg

    Next Project-mystside.jpg
    Next Project-myststr.jpg
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    Re: Next Project
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    Looks like a good size. That steering gear looks like a riding lawnmower set up.
    Dune 500
    Desert kart "Panther" build
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    Re: Next Project
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    I've debated doing this same thing for my son.
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    Re: Next Project
    what is this thing?
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    Re: Next Project
    old chinese mini buggy. This winter's project.
    The older they are, the better built the frames tend to be. Not pretty, but i'll do some cage work to make it a fully welded deal that will also clean up the lines and triangulate the important areas.

    I haven't checked into the engine yet, it's either a 125 or 150 cc GY6 engine. It'll get a rack and pinion coupled to suzuki LTZ A-arms, rims and tires up front (i might steal the brakes for my own. likewise the rear will be kept as a solid axle swingarm type that the engine is mounted on.
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    Re: Next Project
    So it has a new home in the garage and I spent an hour or so this morning stripping it. That part went far more easily than I expected. Two seat bolts that were bashed/bent where they stuck through underneath needed hacksawed.

    Seat is shot and needs replaced.

    Engine--a 125cc needs a carb, I may bolt on a bbk kit and take it a little over 150cc.

    Needs a battery

    Going to graft my leftover Sunl-zuki project rear axle to the swingarm which is totally butchered and needing redone anyway.
    Needs rear rims and tires.

    Played around with the LTZ a-arms. Definitely getting a rack and set up as front steer. Whether i reverse the a-arms entirely as i have it at the moment, or swap the spindles side to side to get front steer remains to be seen. camber's way off since i'm using the equal length arm mounts from the buggy just to get some visuals. I'll probably have to chop the front lower tubing corners off and restructure the front a bit to get tie rod clearance. Lowers are going to have to tuck under the floor a bit, never liked that type of setup, but if i kick the uppers outwards its too wide.

    Trying to get away with the least amount of mod work as possible on this one.

    Next Project-dsc_0059.jpg

    Next Project-dsc_0060.jpg
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    Re: Next Project
    Got this one back on the front burner. going to call it the Mystery machine since i have yet to discover what it was.

    Played with the LTZ front end a few times over the past couple months and have started in on grafting it to the front end.

    Did a split and widen with the quad front end, cleanest install method i could come up with. Removed most of the front end tubing from the buggy frame and am getting ready to tack it all together.

    Picked up a yerf steering rack for it, that will get sent out to have additional teeth cut in to eliminate the off-set rack position and improve the turning radius.

    Otherwise front end is pure LTZ with my modded arctic cat/predator shocks/springs. Brakes, hubs, spindles etc all a done deal from the quad. Will have 22s up front and 23s at the rear.

    Out back, i got a 150cc top end for the 125, they use the same base case, so that's just a matter of an engine rebuild.

    Pics to come.
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    Re: Next Project
    front end is built, $s time so it'll sit a bit. meantime i've gotta set up an image hosting account or something direct posting is a pita.
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    Re: Next Project
    So, the good stuff. After battling through the convoluted picture upload process in the site, I finally signed up with yet another image hosting service. one reason i dont' like them is they seem to come and go every 2 years. So, this is going to be a run of pictures to get the thread up to date.

    original mess, unknown manufacturer, 125cc VIN seems to indicate a 2004. mid kid size.

    Stripped down, floor off, nose chopped for LTZ graft and I discover the top tubing is misaligned.
    Really think it's a SUNL, the SUNL-zuki, though a different frame style, used similar bends and methods.
    It was also crooked up front from misalignment, probably built by the same guys as the other one LOL

    I split the LTZ front frame down the center, kept the same upper/lower A-arm mount angles and widened it to match the pivot ends of the steering rack I'll be using. at this point I'm fitting in lower front frame tube and welding it to the LTZ frame.

    Middle tube fitting-- once i had the LTZ part squared in, I was able to file fit the upper LTZ frame tubing to mate to the middle cross tube. The buggy frame tubes all got slugged with tubing and drilled and plug welded after all the joints were trimmed.

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    Re: Next Project
    Continuing on ....

    How's this for a pile of old project leftover bits to choose from?

    Everything welded up

    A-Arms, still haven't decided on front or rear steer. have a bad ball joint in one lower, and i think the whole arm is a throw-away. no biggie. travel works out to be about 12 inches, and the shocks im going to run may look a little familiar

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