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    After market LT Quad kit Heim sizes?
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    Anyone know what the standard heim sizes are for the Aftermarket Quad LT kit conversions?
    I'm trying to size up what to use for the front of my future single Seater Tiny Mini A-arms.

    Main thing is finding Heim sets with Misalignments and inserts online for smaller sized heims.

    I'm thinking 5/8 for the spindles and 1/2 for the I inners. But 5/8 may be a bit on the heavy side. I may be ok with 1/2 all around.

    Problem is, finding High Misalignments for 1/2 Heims for the outers at the Spindles.

    5/8 Sets are more common with all the parts needed.
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    Re: After market LT Quad kit Heim sizes?
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    5/8's would probably work very well for the spindles and 3/8" for everything else, or 1/2" - which ever is more economical
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    Re: After market LT Quad kit Heim sizes?
    I hate to say it, but a good choice is to go Metric MCP sells the bits in smaller sizes ...
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