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    Rejuvenate a dead battery!
    So, my street bike battery has died! I didnt want to spend 80 bucks for a new one, so I took it apart kinda.

    I pried off the little cell covers, and found it was extremely low on fluid. I topped it off with distilled water, and charged. Unfortunately, it wouldn't charge enough to even make the starter click.

    Fix it for almost nothing.

    You will need

    1. Epsom salt not minty, or with baking soda just plain old epsom salt. This is critical!

    2. Distilled water.

    3. A pot to boil water in.

    4. A big syringe.

    5. A 12v trickle charger.

    Take a quart (32 oz) of distilled water and bring it to a boil.

    When boiling add 7 oz epsom salt and stir till dissolved.

    Let it cool, in a full size car battery you need about 1 oz of the epsom salt water mix per cell.

    In a motorcycle battery its 1/4 to 1/2 oz of the epsom salt water mix per cell.

    After you place the salt/water mix fill the rest of the way with distilled water.

    Put it on the charger overnight and leave the cap or covers loose or off.

    The salt/water mix will de-sulfate the plates in the battery and should revive it.

    Next day replace the caps/covers, put it in your toy and GO PLAY!

    I didnt think this would work, but I was wrong. As soon as I put it in the bike it fired immediately like 2 cranks and fired.

    Smile and drink a beer, you just saved 77.50 (Epsom salt was like 1.50, and the water was 1.00)
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
    Now this wont work on all batteries, some will be too far gone to salvage. But imagine the money you can save if all you needed was to de-sulfate that battery instead of buying a new one.

    I know I could have saved 300 bucks on my truck batteries if I would have known this little trick back in October.
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
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    That sounds like a pretty cool trick.

    Home chemistry can be awesome (or deadly - NEVER mix Clorox and ammonia, it makes a gas that WILL KILL YOU.)

    Who here remembers the old Mr. Wizard Chemistry sets and the racks of chemicals to replace the used stuff?

    sorry.... wandering off topic...
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
    I have a battery I will try this on. Save 70 bucks sweet!!!!
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
    I read its good to add to batteries that arent dead every so often. Maybe every other year or whenever you feel like it losing some of its power.

    Batteries get corrosion build up on the plates inside and lose some of the cranking amps.

    The epsom salt de-sulfates them. I added the mix to my 2 deep cycle RV batteries. I figure why not I've had them for about 3 years now.
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
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    I remember my dad telling me about the old batteries that you could pull apart or bang on the concrete and knock the corrosion out from between the plates.

    This would be easier!
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
    Worth a try if you have a battery that seems to be dying, or dead. Mine was really DRY and wouldnt charge till after I did this.


    HAHA, ya right!!!

    Thats what my battery said.
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
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    I've tried this twice and apparently this "one weird trick" actually works!

    The battery in my buggy was dead for no apparent reason. It was reading 10 volts on the voltmeter. The battery is several years old and I would have just replaced it to save myself trouble down the road. Instead, I tried the dissolved Epsom salts and the battery charged back up without any issues. It is still holding a charge after several weeks.

    The battery in my Firebird was also dead, mostly from sitting all summer. I put it on the battery charger for several hours. It stayed at a 3 amp load and would never finish charging. I also tried a trickle charger. That usually works when a regular charger won't finish charging the battery. Still no luck. I added the dissolved Epsom salts to the battery and left it overnight on the trickle charger. The next morning, the battery showed a full charge. Success!!
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
    That's great! I love it when you can save money!
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    Re: Rejuvenate a dead battery!
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    Hmmm< I think Im gonna have to give this a shot!
    I have a few Moto Batteries that wouldn't hold the charge along with the Buggy battery going dead after sitting too long. Thanks Lugs!
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