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    pilot engine bolts loose
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    Me and my son did a buggy racing event at the weekend (see mudstock 2 08 in lounge) My son drove my standard pilot and it ran no problems all weekend, the only thing was a rattle but I thought it was the handbrake linkage on the caliper as it is not connected.
    It was only when I got it on the trailer I noticed an oil leak, when I looked closer all 3 of the bolts at the back of the engine that hold the engine and gearbox together had no nuts on them and the bolts are very loose in the holes and it looks like the oil is leaking from there.
    I assume its the oil from the engine bottom end where the holes have elongated. The bolts have stopped in because the brake disk is in the way.
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    Re: pilot engine bolts loose
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    That's some bad luck. Maybe that caused the belt problem too. At least you gave it a good run!
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