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    fl250 roll cage
    i have a 1979 fl250 that has the roll bar design
    i would like to build a full roll cage for it
    will a full roll cage from a newer model bolt into mine or with little welding?
    or would i be better off custom making one?
    i was thinking if it doesnt bolt i could slightly modify it to work.
    any help is greatly apreciated.
    also my fl250 is having a hard time getting gas
    has anyone tryed the mikuni fuel pumps?
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    Re: fl250 roll cage
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    Look in to the Triple EEE cages that used to be available - e-bay time.

    There are a couple other cages that were available for the 250. Contact PilotHawk via PM on this site and see what he has to say.
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    Re: fl250 roll cage
    The frame dimensions are essentially the same. I doubt the mounting holes for the the roll cages from 1980 to 84 will bolt up directly without a little bit of modification to the 79 frame, and that shouldn't be difficult. Aftermarket cages come along every now and then on ebay, but getting them shipped is likely more expensive than they are worth.

    The mikuni fuel pump will work fine for the 250. It just won't fit in the stock location.
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    Re: fl250 roll cage
    thanks for the information guys.
    i have been checking on ebay for some time and the shipping would total up to be more then i bought my entire odyssey for. i got mine for $450 and it runs, just now it wont start cus it isnt getting fuel, it gets a spark and there is compression, but u can hold the throttle wide oped wile trying to start it and the engine doesnt flood so it must not be getting fuel. not a big problem and not hard or expensive to fix, there are stock and mikuni ones on ebay for 30 bucks.
    and about the roll cage.
    i would be getting a full cage off a newer odyssey for 150 no rust all straight. the big thing is if it bolts into the rear, the front i would modify slightly.
    i am new to mini buggys, just came outa dirtbiking.
    i can weld and stuff like that but not that great but my dad will help me.(im 13)
    and would a 110 tig welder be enough to sturdily weld a roll cage.
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