Im new here, and i am a FL250 Fanatic. There is nothing i love more than modding them to the point of insanity. *Ive done a few projects, the craziest ones were the two i built for my friend and I,They have been dubbed *"FX550" and FPZ"550" after the 550cc engine placed in them. *I have recently built a website to spread the love of the wonderful addiction that is the Honda Oydessy. It is currently still being built, but it has the basics of what i want to do with it. So i hope you guys check out my site, give a rating and hope you like my projects.

BTW.. *There are no finished pictures of the oydessys... i lost the camera to a mud puddle on the maiden run *

Website: [url=http://www.odmods.webs.com:1z7zt6uz]Od-Mods Honda FL250 Mod's[/url:1z7zt6uz]

Thanks guys!