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    aftermarket expansion chambers
    I suggest you check your expansion chambers for rust. The ones I have have a separate head pipe about 10 inches long that attaches to the main body of the pipe behind the seat. The collars (for lack of a better term) that align the two pieces have rusted and one fell apart, and the other is on it's way to failure. I'm trying to decide if repair or replacement is the way to go. Any thoughts about welding (or brazing) the two sections together to make a one piece pipe?
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    Re: aftermarket expansion chambers
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    If you can still get them in and out as a 1 piece unit I would totally weld them up. Just make sure the pipe is rubber mounted in case the slip joint was also meant to be a flex joint........
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    Re: aftermarket expansion chambers
    Yeah, they come out as one. I hadn't thought about the joint for flex. Thanks!
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