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    pilot with 930 CV setup
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    I was wanting to do a 930 CV conversion on a pilot. I think I got most of it figured out, but I figured I'd ask here before I began buying parts. should I get mini stubs, or stub? what length ale would be best for a wide stance setup? and should it be type 1, 2, etc? I'm thinking a three link is sufficient, but what do you all think about it? any advice to make sure its done right is greatly appreciated. thanks.
    1982 honda fl250 w/ 1972 BSE 440T f/ci
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    Re: pilot with 930 CV setup
    pilot with 930 CV setup-20150726_202130_zpszi3az1bh.jpgpilot with 930 CV setup-20160120_200005_zpskynxflj1.jpg

    Did you get anywhere with this...I have a similar setup, sorry for the bad pics...its an oddyssey redux box with VW type 1 flanges. Axles are stock IRS bug...
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    Re: pilot with 930 CV setup
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    Maybe he didn't get very far, but there's other guys on this forum that have played with the 930 CV's. Are you looking to upgrade from Type 1 to 930? That should be fairly simple (as I sit here in my nice comfy chair and make that pronouncement).
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    Re: pilot with 930 CV setup
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    The OP hasn't been to MBN in two years.
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