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    Re: Fl250 junk pile resto
    Looking things over a bit more. Does anyone have a frame used they are willing to ship? Would save me a lot of time. These things never show up in NC. I have been looking for years and have seen a total of 3 for sale and mine is one of them.

    On a side note. I pulled the transmission and it looked good. Fluid drained with no shavings and the housing is fully intact with no cracks or damage.

    The engine has good compression and when I look in the intake and exhaust port everything looks really good. The plug looked good as well.

    Pulled the tank which I dumped the fuel out of and there was no noticeable rust.

    Carb looks good, but I started tearing it down and will give it a good soak. It's a Mikuni, I was sort of expecting a Kaihlin (spelling?)

    The rear wheels are already upgraded to 4 lug hubs and have 9" aluminum rims.

    Drive belt is intact and seems good.

    No rust on any of the clutches.

    Pulled the parts box that he gave me with it and found the steering wheel cover intact. The upper and lower airbox both intact. Filters need to be replaced.

    Front tub is intact and has a couple of stress cracks. But I will sand it and lay some more fiberglass down and make it look new.

    The parking brake and rear disc brakes work, but I will replace the cables.

    I did a thorough inspection of the frame and would like to replace it if possible. I found what appears to be a kink in the frame that had been repaired. I founds some cracking in the high stress areas.

    I can make the frame work, but it is just encouraging me to add the suspension to the rear. I have two brand new coilovers from a past buggy project that I built. They are a bit long (30" +), but are progressive so they will work. They also have adjustable damping and rebound.

    I didn't take pictures again because my wife was giving me the evil eye about the project.

    Parts I will need
    1 ITP holeshot 22x11-9
    Some heim joints (2)
    Some square tubing
    About a full spool of weld wire....

    If I can't find a frame soon I will start the necessary repairs on this one. If I do that I am going to fill all holes and make new mounting holes. Seam weld everything and make sure it's square. I am guessing around 40 hours of work...
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    Re: Fl250 junk pile resto
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    I vote that you just start tearing into that frame!

    In hindsight, I guess I should have checked my stock frame out a little is a little tweaked and too late now to do anything but adjust my build on the fly.

    That's basically what I've been doing the whole time anyway...

    Mine is nowhere near as good as the builds on here, but I feel it will outperform a stocker when it's done. Sounds like you have the means to build it so go with it!
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    Re: Fl250 junk pile resto
    Yeah. I think I am going to just tear tgis apart and have a go at it.

    I will strip the frame bare and assess better. I figure worst case scenario I could rebuild a whole new frame. That's what I was going to do before this fl250 popped up. I literally had all of the tubing in my cart (online) when I found this only 4 hours away. I worked out the price with the guy that day. Took off from work early and went and got it.

    I played in inventor today and started designing a rear suspension for it. I could do a simple swinger rear axle, but being a big dork...I started designing a cantilever suspension system that allowed more suspension travel.

    This is the stage when my projects get out of hand. I always make the decision to make things harder on myself.

    I somehow have already convinced myself that it is as easy to build a complicated rear-end from scratch as it is to repair the rear if the frame. We will see.

    My time is somewhat limited as I am coaching my son's little league team during the weekdays, coaching his usssa travel ball team on the weekends, and working 60 hours a week.

    Pics will come.
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    Re: Fl250 junk pile resto
    Haven't done any work yet. Just keep spending money. Ordered some new lightweight itp rims and tires for it. Should be delivered on Monday.

    Also have decided to go full suspension on it. Have finalized the design and am getting all of the steel that is needed. With what I am planning there will be no extra length added to the wheelbase.

    I promise pictures will come. I just haven't really done anything but buy stuff yet.
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    Re: Fl250 junk pile resto
    How's the resto going? Haven't seen anything from you in a while.
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