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    Ody 250 Custom Rebuild
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    For my Sr project in high school I have been working on taking apart two ody 250's that were both kind of junk and rebuilding one nice one fairly close to stock with what I have. I only payed 100 bucks for both, so maybe only few more hundred bucks and I will be golden. Cheap= The color scheme will be a black frame with lime green and black parts to match the seat that came with the nicer ody. Stainless hardware will replace all of the rusted stock nuts and bolts. I will be running the stock motor for now but hope to put in a 440 sled engine in some day, just nothing too big that will break the stock ody gearbox. I want to take this to the dunes(yes I know it will probably go no where compared to our banshees),but I have a feeling a whole new frame rebuild+ 1000cc sled engine will come next. In reality i'm going to school and that would never happen for quite some time. Progress is slow especially with spring quarter starting but I figured it would be cool to make a thread and then also use it to help document my build for my Sr Project.

    What one of them looked like when I brought it home(a pile of rust)

    All of this still needs to be sandblasted and primed

    After 10 hours of sandblasting the box frame is done

    Primed. Most parts will be black with clear on top.

    Next up, finish blasting roll cage, then put some paint on everything.

    Then I will start blasting away the rest of the parts. It would be very cool to polish the aluminum parts but it depends on what shape they are in.

    Thanks for looking, I will hopefully update every weekend.
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    Re: Ody 250 Custom Rebuild
    Looks good! Can't wait to see more progress!
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