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    Shrub removal fail
    Thought you all might get a chuckle out of this
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    Re: Shrub removal fail
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    That's awesome!

    Should have been wearing his seat belt and put the rope down at the bottom of the frame.
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    Re: Shrub removal fail
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    Figured out what was going to happened in 2 seconds!
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    Re: Shrub removal fail
    I didn't even need to watch the video to know what was gonna happen there, the picture spelled it all out. Yes, mount the rope at the bottom and he might have had a good burn-out video, or maybe even a nice broken axle video. Good stuff.
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    Re: Shrub removal fail
    Reminds me of pulling a shrub that had a giant wasp nest built under it. I couldn't spray it because it was so well hidden, so I lassoed it and pulled it out with the car (windows firmly up!). A very large and angry swarm was not happy with their home being uprooted.
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