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    Rewelding a buggy frame?
    I bought a badlands buggy st3 rolling chassis buggy last year. Most of the welds are very poor and don't look like they have good fusion. could I grind all the old weld down and go over the clean metal with a good strong weld?

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    Re: Rewelding a buggy frame?
    Another Question:

    What do you do if the rust is inside of your tubing on your sand rail? My project St3 has holes in it for the flooring. When you look through the holes it seems as there is surface rust on the inside of the tubing.

    I linked some pictures:
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    Re: Rewelding a buggy frame?
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    I'm probably the last person to give welding advice, but yeah, if you see welds that look kind of sketchy, grind them out and reweld them. If a weld is done correctly, it will be stronger than the tubing.

    I live in a semi-arid environment, so rust is almost always just surface rust and just adds a patina.
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    Re: Rewelding a buggy frame?
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    That rust is nothing to stress about. Very light surface rust only.
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    Re: Rewelding a buggy frame?
    Ok, thanks for the input!

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