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    mickey thompson superlite buggy
    I was wondering if anyone ever bought the rights or plans for the old superlites they raced in the M.T SERIES back in the day?
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    Re: mickey thompson superlite buggy
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    Not that I know of.
    Briggs had two generations that were very competitive (the Gen 3 & 4 - the 4 was probably THE best).
    Ed at EEE had a couple versions - the dual a-arm front/rear (last version) was also very competitive, but didn't have the handling of the Gen IV Briggs.
    There was a company called Genesis that made either three or four cars.
    Honda Pilots were modded and raced (what I ran).
    There were a couple others that were involved in the first generation of MT racing but I don't have experience with them.

    I don't know if Bullnerd ever got his Gen IV into a computer or not but if you're looking at doing a Stadium Lite, that's the direction I'd go - get him to get you plans for one. It's an absolutely brilliant machine - the best single seat small car I've ever driven.
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    Re: mickey thompson superlite buggy
    Thanks Kfab
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