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    frame specs for a new build
    Hey guys im new to the forums, just not new to metal fab. i plan on building a sidewinder next year but this summer i want to build my own. i kinda got an idea of what i'd like it to look like but in order for me to make the actual plans i need some help. does anyone have dimensions on wheel base and width for a 2 seater buggy that can use 400ex suspension? any help at this point is greatly appreciated
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
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    Welcome to MiniBuggy Underwood . I cant help ya with dimentions of a sidewinder but Im sure a member will chimein and help
    The question is not if its gona roll. Its when ..

    That be some kind of church cruzzer or commuter bike thingy ?
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
    I built a sidewinder last summer using the front suspension, engine, exhaust, tires, and rims from a 400ex. Worked out awesome. I can measure mine and send you some dimensions if you'd like. I just copied the distances between upper left/upper right and lower left/lower right pivot point on the front suspension (A-Arms) from the quad, and just extended each length by about 4 inches. This kept the specs the same with the quad ( Caster, Camber, Rake) and built the steering according to the new length. Rear suspension, i built my own swing arm, and put the swing are pivot point on the chassis, in line with the counter shaft of the engine with the sprocket on it. Then has a solid rear axle with the Honda 400 sprocket bolted to it, and direct chain drive to the rear end.
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
    Thats would be great! thanks, my build will have 400ex a arms, ltr250 swing arm with a 400 ex axle, and tires set up like a quad racer (21s in the front with 18s in the back. Only thing is the wheel base and width ( my 400 axle is a plus 4 adjustable width racing axle) are my only downfall. My design is based off of a sprint car mixed with a pro lite buggy
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
    Okay that sounds awesome. I will get some measurements from my chassis. It's not perfect but it will give you and idea of where to ball park the size of it. My buggy is a single seat although so the measurements may not work...
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
    here is a quick drawing of what i kinda plan on doing, basically i am extending the mid frame to fully cover the bottom frame and moving the engine and tank into the frameUntitled.png all i am doing is looking at the frames of sprint cars, kid buggies, sidewinders/edge buugies, and pro lites and conglomerating what i think would work best
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
    okay I see. Awesome. I can get some measurements when I get home tomorrow of mine.
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    Re: frame specs for a new build
    here is what my buggy.png plans so far
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