Hey guys! I am looking to start a new buggy very soon. I already built an Edge Sidwinder(I did not purchase the plans) and I want to build another single seat buggy. I have a 2006 yamaha R1 as a powerplant to use. I am going to be using this buggy in the feilds, sand trails, dirt trails and open sand hills. I would like some input on frame design and and any ideas of a good single seat build.
I like the looks of the Badlands ST4, and of Yoshi's Sinister Sand rails, but they are both two seat.
Would I be able to mod the frames to make them look alike, but be only single seat?
Also, im looking to built one the size of an ST4 or Edge Barracuda, except i would like to make a custom frame design!

Any input would be awesome!

P.S. im new to the Forum, this is my first post