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    buggy frame thoughts?
    2 buggies - Saskatoon ATV For Sale - Kijiji Saskatoon Canada.

    I'm thinking about offering 150 for these, the 110 is pretty much trash, however I think the odyssey/ golf cart could be converted to a two seater farm commuter...

    Any thoughts?
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    Re: buggy frame thoughts?
    Chinese Made buggy with that much power.. well I wouldnt trust the cage. Most of them are bolted together at every bend and just, well are more for decoration. I smashed the cage on my stock 150 buggy on a small turn over.

    The stock 110 Engine can be replaced with a bigger engine. Check Tbolt Usa they sell a 140 motor for around 350 I think and a 160 for about 450-5. Both would be a huge gain over the stock engine. It would be a great project but more work than its worth in my opinion to fit that motor in that frame.
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    Re: buggy frame thoughts?
    I would use the odyssey/Golf cart cross. The 110 is useless to me, i dont trust it at all. Im leaning towards a yz 125 motor i think ~25hp
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    Re: buggy frame thoughts?
    yz 125 is kick start and my buggy was kick start but im telling you I would have not used that motor had I known how much of a pain it was.
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    Re: buggy frame thoughts?
    Thats true, haha im sure my mom wouldn't want to kick start it anyway! Looking at the golf cart back end i dont think it has enough suspension to support 2 people, for the cost of making it work, I could make an entire new set up.. I don't think this will work
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