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    500cc 4x4 Frame Design
    Hello there! I'm new to this forum, and this is my first thread.

    ANYWAY, directly to the point. I have a 2001 Polaris Sportsman 500 Magnum quad, but I have always wanted a small UTV/mini rail buggy. Problem is, I have little expericence in frame design what so ever. I'm a machinist by trade, so I have a little knowledge. I want to use suspension parts off of the original quad, and also keep the 4x4 capability. I can extend the wiring harness. Would prefer a 2 seater.

    My main questions are as follows:

    What size of tube/pipe should I use to keep the weight down? It IS only a 500cc engine, with 4x4.

    What material should I use in terms of strength and wieght being in equalibrium?

    Are there any basic fundamentals to a good structure?

    Should I use round or square material?

    ANY help would be great! When I start the project I'll post pics and links to videos of the progress. When the final product is rolling, I'll post plans for you all to have for free! Should be an epic ride!

    Pic of the donor quad (you should be able to look at it)!/

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    Re: 500cc 4x4 Frame Design
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    Welcome to the site. There are a couple on here that have done the same thing with a VERY similar Polaris 500 quad and they turned out pretty dang good!

    I do not have tinme to search for them right now but you might find them using the search function. I can try later but gotta go now.
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    Re: 500cc 4x4 Frame Design
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    Re: 500cc 4x4 Frame Design
    Thank you both for the tips. That build on the link is pretty much what i have in mind, only with foot controls and a round steering wheel haha. Just need to figure the rest out. Will be a long process I'm guesing.
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    Re: 500cc 4x4 Frame Design
    im using the rear diff and axles from a sportsman, and i think you could do something completely different and put the engine in front, between you and your passengers feet. (i figured out how to do it with a Honda foreman but Polaris should work too) but you wanna keep your machine short and center of gravity low!!!! msg me if you wanna go over some thoughts
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