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    help with plans
    ok so Ive pretty much figured out that I want to go with the sure shot 2 frame from this guy..Prosand1 which is a 2 seater.
    the problem is that i cant find any plans for 2 seaters. I was wondering will these 1 seater plans work for 2 seater frames or will it mess with the geometry of the suspension and steering?
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    I forgot to mention I want a pre fab. frame due to the fact that I don't have a pipe bender, also I want my buggy to be mainly off road/trails etc..not as much sand
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    Re: help with plans
    There are others you can look at, including the Shredder2 or for way more aggressive riding, the ST4. If you are going to do any trail riding then you have to look at a way thinner buggy. The one you are looking at is going to be at least 6' wide wide. Im building a Shredder2 for my wife and it barley fits in the trails at 56" wide with tires.
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    Re: help with plans
    Yeah I really like the sII but I cant find a pre fabricated frame that size. whats the largest size of motor you can throw in there?
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