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    Which plans should I buy?
    Hey everyone. I am trying to decide which plans to buy. I would like to get Rorty's but they are around $200. For that price I could get 3 or 4 other different plans such as Buggy Innovations, Desert Karts, Badland Buggies or Edge plans. Should I get 1 of Rorty's plans or 2 or 3 of these cheaper plans?

    I am just looking to use the plans for guidelines on the front and rear suspensions and drive setup. My buggy is probably going to be smaller than any buggy in any of these plans, so I will have to use different measurements and suspension angles anyway. It will be closer to Honda Pilot and Odyssey sizes.
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    Re: Which plans should I buy?
    from my understanding the desert karts is the way to go super detailed planns and i have talked to the owner a few times hes a good guy to talk to always has time for his customers and will help guid you. go with desert karts.
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    Re: Which plans should I buy?
    I just received my plans from desertkarts they are very detailed like you i plan on using them as a guide rather than build exact kart i chose just on my preference there are tons of good plans this is going to be my first build for my kids if this one goes good i plan on building a big one for me LOL good luck
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    Re: Which plans should I buy?
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    First off look at all the diff buggies out there. You can see plenty of all the built and see what appeals to your eyes.

    Plus taking a look at the suspensions and learn a lil about the different types. The pros and cons of each.

    Rortys plans are said to be the best and are meticulous in detail. His designs do not use front rake as he feels it is not needed. You may or may not agree with this.

    If you want realllllly detailed get the Buggy Innovations plans! Almost scary how in detail they are!

    The Panther plans are pretty straight forward. Easy to make lil changes to suit your needs. Great first build IMO.
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    Re: Which plans should I buy?
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    If you're intrested, check out my Piranha double a front module build.
    I'm almost done with complete plans for this design. Chassis and front susp. are done. Finishing up on the rear within the next few weeks.
    I designed the front suspension as an upgrade for Piranha owners. The buggy in this thread is not a Piranha. Only similar in looks. the Rear is shown in detail here:
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    Re: Which plans should I buy?
    Bumb, you may want to take a look at what Rick S has to offer![smilie=sign_l33t.g:

    I have received plans in the past from Rick S and well pleased with the detail and I do believe you would like his new set of plans, which as soon as he's done with them I'll be recieving them plans as well; I seen this first hand on the double A's and I like what I've seen.

    I do believe for the price is fair, so pm him see what you think, you won't go wrong!
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