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    Pro/Engineer 2001 & up
    Anyone on here using Pro/E cad modeling?
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    Re: Pro/Engineer 2001 & up
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    I started 3D modeling with ProE 2001, and modeled my first buggy with it. I then switched to SolidWorks in 2005 and never looked back. I'm not sure if the new versions of ProE have changed much, but in 2001 it was impossible to leave an assembly underconstrained and move things around (like suspension), where as in SW that is very easy to do. SW is in general easier to use IMO, but ProE has more advanced capabilities which may be good for some things but are generally unnecessary for buggy designing.
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    Re: Pro/Engineer 2001 & up
    I've got about 10k hours in the Pro/E seat, but haven't been in it much over the past 2-3 years. I worked in Pro/E Wildfire designing product equipment for Autolite and FRAM on a Sun Microstation, but then became a buyer (WTF was I thinkin'??). Back to Pro/E for a buggy build and it's like riding a bike. However, since I only have the full-0blown Pro/E 2001 at home on my's kinda' like switching from a Busa to a pit bike. But it works well. Hopefully I'll have more time to design a rig for a spring / summer build.

    Do you know if anyone has any IGES or STEP files of any FL250 or FL350 parts, frames, cages?
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