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    Re: Extreme Baja Karts
    Anyone familiar with these cars have any suspension suggestions, I run exclusively in the sand, I have the car with the aluminum colored side panels flying, it's a little modified, now with a busa engine, large radiator mounted in rear wing position, wheel spacers and sand tires. it seems to work ok but it can be much better.
    Problem, if you are familiar with Glamis, olds hill or about any other comp hill in the dunes, there are whoops at the bottom of the hill, the XP's and X3s suck that stuff up very good, I tend to hit the first couple and bounce off the sand and out of control.
    I charges all shocks with 150psi nitrogen, went to the hill and made some runs, tried with the bypass shocks cranking the rebound and compression to each extreme but it did not help much.
    figuring the weight of the car is somewhere close to some of the others that were weighed assuming they were empty, about 430# on the front and 820# on the rear, maybe add about 50# on the rear and 15# on the front for the engine change and larger radiator, Driver weight is about in the middle at 170# it holds about 15 gallons but figure at 65-70# of fuel weight for a partial tank.
    I'm thinking either there is not enough spring but it seems to be setup the same as all the others, or the bypass shocks don't have any oil? maybe the sag is too much/too little?
    A friend took some video, I'll see if I can get them up.
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    Re: Extreme Baja Karts
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    The whoops at glamis are so spread out that my rebound was way too fast, coming from Oregon, where the whoops are half the distance apart.

    You should start closing down the rebound, then close down the compression to keep the shocks from packing up. Tightening the compression will also help absorb some of the bigger whoops.

    Nothing at glamis had a sharp transistion, so you should be able to get away with relatively tight valving without knocking your teeth out.

    The rzrs are usually a little on the tight side to begin with, so they work out well in glamis. For oregon, we have to open them up a bit and let the wheel flop around a lot more.
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