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    Fall mini buggy racing in So Cal
    Here are some events that allow Pilots / Oddys / Lites / Revolts
    Nov 8-9 Elsinore Grand Prix
    Nov 9 M4SX - maybe
    Nov 22 Saturday Nite Fever - Lk Elsinore MX park
    Dec 13 Glen Helen Baja Cup - Glen Helen
    Dec 20 Saturday Nite Fever - Lk Elsiore MX Park
    Dec ?? Xfest

    Want more racing? Then support the sport by showing up and racing. Promoters give time to classes with lots of entries.
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    Re: Fall mini buggy racing in So Cal
    Any Mini buggy. Im running a ZX14 in 68"w x 9'oa.l x 58"h x 74" wheel base
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