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    Minibuggy Gathering at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kanab, UT sometime next spring?
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    Just got back from Kanab, Utah and the area around the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.

    Dunes are pretty nice - it's a smaller place (Little Sahara size) than Glamis but a lot of fun. You can ride from 9a to 10p. The campgrounds has 22 pull through spots without hook ups tucked back in the trees - it's beautiful - and there are also a dozen or so full hook up spots right next to the camp entrance - no trees to hide in like the other area.

    The big bonus is all the off roading in the area. LOTS AND LOTS of trails all accessible from the state park.

    Not sure about OHV stickers (read that we were supposed to have but we didn't get), not sure about the street legal aspects of driving on the streets with a licensed vehicle. I heard from the park ranger that it was a no-no, but I saw a couple driving through Kanab so???

    The state park is about 20 minutes or so from Kanab so the convenience of a small town is just around the corner - food, groceries, etc. are all fairly accessible.

    So if anyone's interested in putting together a gathering this may be a really fun place to give it a shot.

    Bonus - the Grand Canyon's only a couple hours south and the drive on 89A from Kanab south, towards the Grand Canyon's north rim, is just incredible. The Vermillion Cliffs are amazing, Lee's Ferry and the bridge that go across the Colorado just at the very beginning of the Grand Canyon's well worth the stop and look. Page, AZ and Lake Powell, Glen Canyon & Glen Canyon Dam are about an hour from Kanab on 89 (once again spectacular drive).

    Hop on Google Maps or Google Earth, put it on satellite view and check it out.
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    Re: Minibuggy Gathering at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Kanab, UT sometime next spring?
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    In Kanab a stop at the Mexican restaurant on the "corner" of 89A/89 is a must. I've driven many miles out of my way to visit this restaurant.

    Another side trip is the East to West drive thru Zion National Park. It's expensive and there is a vehicle size limit and oversize charge but the scenery is breathtaking.
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