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    Trax 2 chasis question
    I'm planning on building a Trax 2. I have the plans from edge products but have some concerns. First I might have trouble getting steel in metric sizes so I need to know what imperial sizes match up with metric. But my main concern is the chasis tube size is
    30mm x 30mm x 1.6mm wall square tube. Seems a bit small both in OD and especially the 1.6mm wall. Has anyone build one to this spec? Is it holding up?
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    Re: Trax 2 chasis question
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    30x30 is roughly 1.125" and the 1.6 wall is .0625". Seems pretty thin.

    Where are you, since you're looking at imperial stuff? You can convert pretty easily. Divide by 25.4 and you'll get SAE numbers.
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    Re: Trax 2 chasis question
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    I built one not exactly to plans, size wise it is and I used 1-1/8" .095 round tube for chassis and cage with 3/4" .095 tube diagonals, fun little kart. Gran daughter was jumping it a couple foot in the air having a blast and nothing broke

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