Hi All!

I'm new to the forum and to mini-buggies, so please bear with me. I have built custom Off Road golf cars for a while and used to (20 years ago) race the Score, Snore and HDRA series, so I have a bit of knowledge of fabrication, but just about enough to be dangerous.

I've decided to build a car. I'm going to make it a two seater. I'm only 10 miles from Glamis, but I'm not a duner. I'm more interested in a car I can use on trails.

My questions are:

I have a Ody FL350 drive train, including engine, steering and diff, axles and everything out to and including the spindles. What kind of HP can this diff assembly handle and still remain somewhat reliable?

I also have a rear diff (hub to hub) from a Subaru ('98 2.5l wagon) and a shaft drive Yamaha 650. Would this drivetrain make sense, and if so, what is the best way to get a reverse in there somewhere?

I also have a rear end (hub to hub) from a GEM electric vehicle. I'm thinking this may be able to be worked in a buggy somehow. Maybe one of the cheap chinese 250cc motors that have FNR on them? I'm thinking this would work for my son after he outgrows his current 49cc kart (he's 5).

And finally, I have both Club Car and EZGO gas (FNR) rear ends. Any sense in using one of them?

Comments on the 2 seat frame kits would be appreciated. That is probably the way I'll go. Any thoughs and or suggestions would be appreciated.