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    Quick change rear end gears for jackshaft
    Has anyone used these gears for a rear cassette? They seem relatively cheap (~$70) for a set and should be strong enough. If you have used them where did you get the splined shaft and drive flanges?
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    Most Ag. and gear shops sell splined shafts. What spline are the QC gears?

    How would you install them?
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    Here is a link to them.

    They come in both 6 and 10 spline, but I am not sure on shaft diameter.

    The plan would be to custom machine a case for them. My biggest challenge is the input/ouput flanges, but maybe the ag shop couplings could work for that.[/url]
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    The QC gears are super strong .They cope quite well with 8 or 900 HP. The only problem you need to work around is that no matter what set of gears you buy they are obviously all designed to fit the same centres. The distance between the shafts is constant. To use them in a transfer case you may need to buy 2 sets and use the larger gear from each set then manufacture the lower/larger gear to suit.

    Buying 2 sets (4) QC gears would still be much much cheaper than having them made.
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